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Biblical Women of Influence
by Brenda Carroll Jarvis brings the women mention in the Bible alive! She brings out each of their strengths, their personalities, their needs, and their love for the Lord. While reading about all the women, I could feel their presence, warmth, concerns, And desire in truly knowing Jesus of Nazareth and following Him. Wonderful inspiring book!"

R. Carey, Ohio

L. Carter, Ohio

Biblical Women of Influence"
"Just a reminder of what some the women went through. In this book reminds us how faithful these women were. We forget to talk about them a lot so thank you for bringing this to our attention. The strength that these women had. They wanted everyone to know the strength of Jesus.

Biblical Women of Influence   Outstanding!!! I really enjoyed this book.I was amazed at what each woman had done for Jesus and the people of the area.

T. H. Ohio

Tambra Haidon

Ashtabula, OH

Biblical Women of Influence
"Perfect gift for everyone you know!  In the book, Biblical Women of Influence, the author brings the Bible to life! She takes the stories of the lesser known women of the Bible, and uses her vivid imagination to portray a picture of what the scene may have looked like.  As you read, you will soon learn the significance of all these Biblical heroins. Every story captures the reader’s attention and quickly opens your heart to the importance of being obedient to God. Each account reminds the reader how God can use each one of us us to fulfill His promises. The stories are also woven in such a way that shows just how many lives can be affected as a result of the decisions that we make; whether they be righteous or wrong. Mrs. Jarvis has a way with words and could not have made each story more interesting; emphatically recommended."

 Pastor Maryann says:

Biblical Women of Influence

At times I felt I was right there with the woman and then I became her. Brenda Carroll Jarvis gets it, she makes the woman real before our eyes. Thank you for my journey into the story of the woman of such great faith. May we all be so brave."

Dr. R Jay Waggoner

Conroe, Tx

Solomon wrote, “Get wisdom! Get understanding! Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my
mouth.” God Give Me Wisdom provides a wealth of wisdom derived from years of life experience,
common sense, and God’s Word. It is a quick read, but you will want to read it slowly and thoughtfully
contemplating its many biblical admonitions and sound practical advice. Wisdom is not valued or
sought after in this information age. Knowledge is readily available, but wisdom is in short supply. In this
little book, Charles R. Jarvis shares the considerable wisdom that he has derived from life’s journey. All
of us need to “Get wisdom.” This book will help you do that. It addresses the value and content of
wisdom in many different areas of life. It is not just another self-help book; it is a repository of life-
learning based on eternal truth that is presented in a delightful and practical manner.

Tambra Haidon

Ashtabula, OH

In God Give Me Wisdom And This Little Book,

the author is able to impart personal experiences, Biblical truths, and worldly influences, that cause the reader  to pause and ponder the importance of wisdom.  As Mr Jarvis states, “real wisdom, which is real truth, is often handed down by God”. Those of us, with a few years on us, know that wisdom is an ongoing and learning experience. The wisdom that God has given to Mr Jarvis just may God’s way of extending more of it to those who read this book. It is an enjoyable read, with humor and relevant quotes from notable people, from Babe Ruth to Michelle Obama. A handy book to read over and over again. I highly recommend!review

K. Vitale Ohio

 Review from Amazon

Well  Written, educational, and inspiring!

This is a bit out of my wheelhouse, but I'm happy I decided to read it. The short stories are well written and communicate core biblical values without being preachy. The fact that the protagonists are female is an interesting element but -- for me -- was not the main attraction, but rather a bonus.

My favorite stories were "Deborah", "Noah's Wife", and "Widow and Her Two Mites" because they extolled the virtues of faith and gratitude even during times when no one believes in you or when you may feel you don't have much.

Brenda's writing style is simple, coherent, yet expressive. I hope she writes another volume of short stories.

C. Grabert, Ohio
Biblical Women of Influence
"This book has brought the Women of the Bible to life for me. What faith they had. Brenda Carroll Jarvis has a talent for describing these Women so that they become so vivid in our minds."

 Biblical Women of Influence was written quite well.

Brenda followed the biblical stories very closely. She added historical information so we could relate to the era. Then she took some “poetic license” to make the stories come to life! Great book! A must read!! Would make a wonderful Christmas present.

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