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When I was young I enjoyed writing; it often helped to express my emotions. As my life moved forward with marriage, young children, jobs and time on the mission field, there was no time for this pastime.

Then came the struggles of a failing marriage, floods of emotion, financial hardships and family changes. Words that needed to be written down began to bubble up within me. Writing  helped to heal my broken heart, it brought clarity of my thoughts. The Holy Spirit gently led me to truths that brought peace to my heart.

Now, with each poem, story or thought I pen, I desire that my love for God is evident and draws the reader closer to the Him.

Within these pages is a compilation of writings I’ve made since 2010, when I began to write again. Since then, I have written poems, essays, stories, books, and even song lyrics!

Other books written: Biblical Women of Influence, It Happened in Bethlehem, and soon to be published, There is Hope for Everyone.


When My Heart Sings

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